Hi, we're Grey Rock Innovations, thanks for dropping by

We're a small company based in the UK and we build web applications - mainly in the drone industry. You can find out more about our core product at dronedesk.io and more about us at our homepage.

Why build Instant Site Audit?

We're a B2B service and we come across a lot of small business owners who are struggling to know how to get their websites built, secured and optimized for search engines. All this web malarkey is a bit of a dark art - or so many people think - and building or making changes to your website can be a dauting undertaking.

We found a lot of business owners were paying large sums for web designers and SEO experts to help them. And, in some cases, they weren't getting great results or value for money. So, given we have a bit of technical know-how, we thought we might be able to help them save some time and money.

We like simple

We built Instant Site Audit to make it simple for owners of small and medium sized businesss to understand what they need to do to...

  • Speed their website up and improve the user experience for their visitors
  • Secure their website to protect against hackers and malicious bots
  • Improve their website on-page search engine optimization to maximise the chance of ranking in Google

We like good value

There are lots of sites which provide a similar service to Instant Site Audit but, we stand apart on two fronts:

  1. We don't tie you into a monthly subscription
  2. We try not to baffle you with technical jargon

If you have a single website then site-monitoring subscription plans sometimes son't make sense. A single report is usually enough for you to get your site fundamentals right - once you've fixed your site speed, it's fixed! So you can then focus your resources on the all-important off-page search engine optimization to boost your search engine results pages rank.

We've made sure that the report you get from Instant Site Audit is written as clearly as possible. It gives you detailed guidance on improving your site's speed, security and SEO so that you can make improvements without necessarily hiring external help (although we can't 100% guarantee you'll become a web guru overnight).

We like you

Well, if we knew you, we would. Definitely.

And because we like you so much, we'd love to invite you to try Instant Site Audit right now. It's absolutely free to test any URL and, we don't ask for your name, your email, card number or anything else. How friendly is that!